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At Pinky Swear & Co., we produce amongst the cleanest, long lasting candles on the market. Our hand-poured small batch candles contain a natural, sustainably sourced coconut soy wax with phthalate & paraben free fragrance and pure essential oil blends. We are a local artisanal company based in Toronto, Ontario collaborating with Canadian markets and charities with the goal of giving back to local communities.

Clean, sustainable and made with care.

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The PS & Co. Discovery Kits

Introducing curated collections of 2oz coconut soy wax minis with crackling wooden wicks. These sets are ideal for travel, gifting, or simply indulging in the pleasure of discovering your signature fragrance.

Discovery Kits

Light Up, REFILL, Repeat!

Why buy a new candle every time when you can simply refill?

Dive into our "Essentials Collection" and select any fragrance. Now you can keep your cherished candle vessel and refill it with our new wax inserts. It’s easy-peasy and oh-so breezy!

Every refill purchase comes with a bonus—the planting of a tree. Yes, for every wax refill you buy, we’ll plant a tree. Your love for candles now grows forests!

The Essentials Collection

Featured Spring Candles

The Goddess | Wildflower & Oakmoss - Pinky Swear & Co.

The Goddess

Wildflower & Oakmoss

Immerse yourself in the divine essence of "The Goddess", where nature's beauty is captured in a harmonious symphony. With each gentle flicker, delicate wildflower notes envelop your senses, conjuring images of sun-kissed meadows and blooming fields. Beneath this floral bouquet lies the earthy richness of oakmoss, grounding the fragrance with a sense of ancient wisdom and strength. As the candle burns, let yourself be enveloped in the embrace of Mother Nature's nurturing presence, feeling her divine energy infuse every corner of your space with grace and serenity.


The Socialite

Pink Berry & Champagne

Savour the sophistication of "The Socialite", where refinement meets celebration in a seamless orchestration of scents. At the heart of this fragrance lies the delicate essence of camellia, exuding a refined floral bouquet that whispers of grace and elegance.Amplifying this natural allure is the sparkle of champagne, evoking the clink of crystal glasses and the thrill of festivities. Infused with the sweetness of pink berry, this candle adds a playful twist, reminiscent of laughter and lighthearted conversations. Let "The Socialite" illuminate your space with its enchanting aroma, inviting you to relish in moments of refined indulgence.

The Socialite | Pink Berry & Champagne - Pinky Swear & Co.
The Early Bird | Jasmine Blossom & Green Tea - Pinky Swear & Co.

The Early Bird

Jasmine Blossom & Green Tea

Embrace the tranquility of dawn with "The Early Bird". As the first light breaks, delicate jasmine blossoms unfurl their petals, infusing the air with a sweet floral fragrance that awakens the senses. Crisp notes of green tea bring a sense of refreshment, like the dew-kissed leaves of a verdant garden. Meanwhile, the citrusy essence of bergamot dances playfully, invoking the anticipation of a new day's adventures. Let this harmonious blend envelop you in a serene embrace, inspiring you to greet each morning with vitality and grace.


The Daydreamer

White Lily & Cucumber

Escape into a world of tranquil reverie with 'The Day Dreamer'. Whispers of white lily transport you to serene gardens blooming with delicate beauty. Crisp notes of cucumber refresh the air, like a cool breeze while the subtle essence of bamboo adds a hint of natural elegance. Close your eyes and drift away as this enchanting blend fills your space with serenity and bliss, inviting you to indulge in moments of quiet contemplation and gentle daydreams.

The Daydreamer | White Lily & Cucumber - Pinky Swear & Co.

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