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The Chalet

Vanilla Orchid & Cedar

Cuddle up with a warm blanket and glass of chardonnay to this extraordinary winter candle. The Chalet is a luxurious blend of vanilla orchid, freshly bloomed jasmine flower, woody cedar and musk. A soft white blanket hugs the rolling hills at this peaceful mountain retreat, away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Chalet soothes the mind, calms the space and revitalizes the spirit, making it a true winter essential.


The Northern Lights

Bergamot & Vetiver

Bask in the green and magenta glow of the radiant night sky with this crisp and invigorating winter scent. The Northern Lights encompasses an exciting and fresh northern adventure! This brilliant fragrance mixes zesty bergamot and neroli with nurturing and earthy natural base notes of vetiver. Like a brisk late night light show that dances across the winter sky, this refreshing new candle will dazzle and amaze.

The Northern Lights - Pinky Swear & Co.

The Sweet Spot

Spiced Vanilla & Cinnamon Apple

Like grandma’s homemade recipe, The Sweet Spot is deliciously nostalgic and brings together all the warm comforts of home. Classic cinnamon apple pie and brown sugared pear are mixed with spiced vanilla cream for the perfect bake. We add a little sprinkle of something special for a touch of sophistication but as grandma would say, “We can’t share our secret ingredient that makes it magic.” ;)


The Summit

Bayberry & Evergreen

Rise above any stale, confined environment with the liberating scent of The Summit. Fresh peppery bayberry and majestic evergreen seamlessly come together with crushed pinecone and frosted citrus for the perfect winter escape. Like a breath of fresh air at the top of a mountain trail, this fragrance lifts away the hustle and bustle and immerses you in nature’s aromatic haven.


About Us

At Pinky Swear & Co., we produce amongst the cleanest, long lasting candles on the market. Our hand-poured small batch candles contain a natural, sustainably sourced coconut soy wax with phthalate & paraben free fragrance and pure essential oil blends. We are a local artisanal company based in Toronto, Ontario collaborating with Canadian markets and charities with the goal of giving back to local communities.

Clean, sustainable and made with care.

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The Autumn Ambience Collection - Pinky Swear & Co.

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The Autumn Ambience Collection - Pinky Swear & Co.

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