Our Story

At Pinky Swear & Co., we produce amongst the cleanest, long lasting candles on the market. Our hand-poured small batch candles contain a natural, sustainably sourced coconut soy wax with phthalate & paraben free fragrance and pure essential oil blends. We are a local artisanal company based in Toronto, Ontario collaborating with Canadian markets and charities with the goal of giving back to local communities.

Clean, sustainable and local

We Pinky Swear

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Our Team

Hi! We're Marc, Nicole and Alex, the co-founders and candle makers of Pinky Swear & Co. We are three friends that came together over a shared passion for artisanal home decor and sustainable products.

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We hope you enjoy your candles as much as we enjoyed making them!

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The Coconut Soy Wax

Coconut soy wax is a renewable resource made from the oil of coconut and soybean to create a soft and creamy container candle blend. Most candle providers use inexpensive paraffin waxes that release toxins in the air and burn quickly. Our long lasting wax burns clean, without releasing carcinogens or producing soot. Our 8oz candles have a quality burn time of 40+ hours.

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The Wooden Wick

Our eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks create a horizontal flame that throw more heat into your candle quicker, so even though it may burn slower and lower, a wooden wick candle will heat up the fragrances and create a scent throw into your room in less time.

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The Fragrances

All of our luxury fragrance oils are paraben-free and phtalate-free, making them safer for you and the environment. We use a blend of fragrance oils and pure essential oils to ensure the cleanest burn with gentle, non-offensive scent throw.

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Alexander Farrow

Head of Administrative Operations & Treasurer

Nicole Cruz

Head of Marketing & Graphic Design

Marc Devigne

Head of Product and Customer Relations


Building community and giving back have been pillar values since the founding of our local start-up. At Pinky Swear & Co., for every candle sold, we donate $1 to a featured charity. For our "First Impressions" collection - $1 from each candle will be donated to The Breast Cancer Society of Canada.