Mood-Boosting Benefits of Fall Scents: From Salted Caramel to Orange Zest

Written by Pinky Swear


Posted on September 18 2023

Hello, lovely souls,

Ah, autumn! When the leaves pirouette to the ground, our scarves become less of a fashion statement and more of a functional necessity. There's something simply enchanting about fall, and no, it's not just the pumpkin-spiced everything. Although, let's be honest, that doesn't hurt.

But did you ever pause your seasonal latte sipping, just for a split second, to wonder why certain fall scents seem to boost your mood quicker than a green juice cleanse? Let's break down some of the headliners from our *Autumn Ambiance Collection* and see what natural magic they're weaving. 🍂

Salted Caramel: Now, it's no spirulina smoothie, but there's something about the rich sweetness of caramel, with that dash of salt, that whispers, "Everything is going to be alright." It’s like a comforting pat on the back, telling you that wearing socks with sandals is still trendy (it's not, but let's pretend).

salted caramel candies


Orange Zest: Bright and zesty, this scent is an instant pick-me-up! It’s like sunshine captured in a jar, minus the UV rays and the need for SPF. Inhaling the fragrance of oranges is scientifically proven to reduce feelings of stress, but, candidly, we just think they’re Mother Nature's way of sending a juicy, fragrant hug.

orange rind

Tobacco Leaf: Stay with me now. It's not the "roll-it-up and smoke-it" kind. It's more like that rich, earthy fragrance that reminds you of grand libraries, deep musings, and maybe that one bohemian artist you dated in college. There’s a grounding quality to it, something that says, “Put down your phone and pick up a novel, or at least a trendy magazine.”

tobacco leaf

Smoked Cedar & Oakmoss: If trees had personalities, cedars would be those sophisticated individuals sipping aged whiskey, telling stories of days gone by. This scent is the woody embrace we all crave in the colder months, reminding us of cabin getaways and... woodshop class? Ah, memories.

cedar trees

Brown Sugar: It's sweet, it's warm, and it's every bit as comforting as that cashmere throw you've been eyeing. Brown sugar carries with it a sense of homemade delights, urging us to slow down, perhaps bake something, or maybe just light a candle that smells like we did.

brown sugar

In essence, these fragrances are nature's little therapists. They don't have fancy degrees, and they can't bill your insurance, but they sure do uplift, ground, and comfort in all the right ways. And while we might not have discovered the kale of the candle world (yet), we're pretty sure our fall scents are the next best thing.

Stay luminous, breathe deep, and always find your glow.



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