Your Perfect Fall Day, Scented by Our Autumn Ambiance Collection

Written by Pinky Swear


Posted on September 25 2023

Ah, autumn in Toronto. The crisp air, the explosion of colours as leaves change from green to gold, and the infectious enthusiasm for everything cozy and comforting. Just as each fall activity brings its unique joy, our Autumn Ambiance Collection pairs perfectly with each to elevate the experience. Ready to find your ideal fall day match? Let's go!

  1. The Canuck - Pumpkin Chai & Maple:   

         Paired Activity: Pumpkin Patch Picking

downeys farm in caledon surrounded by pumpkins

Ah, the pumpkin patch! The very embodiment of Canadian fall, with rows of plump orange gourds waiting for their turn to be carved, painted, or made into a pie. As you wander, hunting for the perfect pumpkin, our Canuck candle encapsulates the essence of this activity. The spicy allure of pumpkin and chai dances with the sweetness of maple, just like the memories you create amidst the pumpkin rows.

Visit DOWNEY'S FARM for some pumpkin picking and other fun activities just 30-45 minutes from Toronto! 

  1. The Cozy Cabin - Salted Caramel & Tobacco Leaf: 

          Paired Activity: Leaf Peeping and Nature Walks  

view from the top of evergreen brickworks

Fall transforms our beloved Toronto trails into mesmerizing hues of red, orange, and gold. It's a time for introspection and reconnection with nature. Our Cozy Cabin fragrance, with its earthy tobacco leaf and sweet salted caramel, adds warmth and depth to your woodland wanderings. Think of it as a snuggly blanket in scent form.

Explore the beautiful Evergreen Brickworks for some amazing views of changing leaves in Toronto (oh and if you happen to stop by the weekends make sure to visit their farmers markets where you just might find us!)
  1. The Manifester - Orange Zest & Smoked Cedar:   

         Paired Activity: Outdoor Yoga & Meditation Sessions

outdoor yoga class

Fall's serene beauty provides a golden opportunity for reflection and re-centering. As you lay out your mat amidst falling leaves, let The Manifester candle be your aromatic companion. The invigorating orange zest energizes your spirit, while the grounding smoked cedar promotes inner calm. Achieve zen in true autumn style.

Find an Outdoor Yoga class near you! 

  1. The Tipsy Baker - Whiskey Pear & Brown Sugar:  

          Paired Activity: Baking & Hot Beverage Evenings 

people in a baking class

Is there anything more heartwarming than baking in the fall? The intoxicating aroma of treats in the oven, combined with a hot beverage, is a treat for the soul. Our Tipsy Baker scent is your perfect baking buddy. As you indulge in warm apple cider or a hot toddy, the sweet notes of pear and brown sugar, with a dash of whiskey, adds that extra layer of coziness.

Sign up for a baking class at Le Dolci here!

In essence, our Autumn Ambiance Collection is more than just candles. It's a passport to the myriad experiences and memories that make fall in Toronto so enchanting. Whether you're pumpkin picking or meditating amongst the maples, there's a scent to enhance every moment.

Light up, breathe deep, and let the scents of the season guide your fall adventures! 🍁🍂

Disclaimer: Always light your candles in a safe environment and keep the coziness contained. And while our candles evoke the essence of these activities, ensure they are safely extinguished before heading out on your adventures.



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