About Us


At Pinky Swear & Co., we produce amongst the cleanest, long lasting candles on the market. Our hand-poured small batch candles contain a natural, sustainably sourced coconut soy wax with phthalate & paraben free fragrance and pure essential oil blends. We are a local artisanal company based in Toronto, Ontario collaborating with Canadian markets and charities with the goal of giving back to local communities.

Clean, sustainable and local

We Pinky Swear

Hi everyone!

We are Alex, Marc and Nicole amd we are the co-founders of PS & Co. We started this business in 2020 not knowing where it would go or the impact it would have on our lives. We have learned so much from our successes and ever more from our mistakes!

In the short amount of time we've been running PS & Co., we have become ezperts at things we never thought we'd become experts at. Why we know everything about our printer is beyond us. We are still working on time management (Alex and Nicole) & basic math (Marc...a little bit Nicole). But Pinky has also taught us extremely valuable skills like marketing, social media ads, accounting, business management, customer service, and SO much more.

We love what we've created and we are so proud if what we've built. And we also love sharing it with all of you!

Fun Facts About Us

We are all left handed
We were all flight attendants at one point (one of us still is)
We are all fire signs
We all taught gymnastics

The Team

Alex Farrow

Finance & Digital Marketing Manager

Nicole Cruz

Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager

Marc Devigne

Operations Manager & Customer Service Relations